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Tutor and Home Educator
for 4-10 year olds and their families

I’m Sam, multitasking mum, wife, friend and founder of Sam’s Classroom.


We support families of 4-10 year olds on their educational journey!


Our children have been on a rollercoaster these past few years and our aim is to support them mentally - as well as academically - to be the best they can be. 

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Our Story Begins...

I trained and graduated from Roehampton University with a teaching degree in 2004. I then taught in a four-form infant school in Surrey in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2.


The majority of my time was in Reception, where I learnt the importance of play based learning which became a strong passion. I also lead the school in mathematics where I supported, modelled, monitored and trained staff in the importance of early maths skills and the concrete, pictorial, abstract approach.

After having my second child and constantly being pulled between being a good teacher AND a good mummy and wife, I realised I just couldn’t do it.

Something had to give and it couldn’t be my family!

I also lost my passion for the job I worked so hard for and used to love so much. I spent more time thinking about and with my class of 30 children than I did with my own 2 children and it made me sad. Really sad.

The broken education system, the constant changes and pressure, relentless paperwork and testing was totally against why I went into teaching in the first place.

The day I didn’t jump out of bed excited to get to work was the day I knew I had to do something about it.

I realised that if I wanted things to change, my happiness, well-being and that of my family, then it was down to me to do something about it!

I felt brave, scared, excited, stupid, happy, sad, all rolled into one!

I still can’t believe I had it in me to take the leap and hand in my notice, but I did and I wish I’d done it sooner.


Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE teaching. 

But in school, the actual teaching is a very small part of the job.


What happened next...

Well, in 2018 I launched Sam’s Classroom!

My very own classroom where I can teach what I want, when I want, how I want!

I can follow a child’s individual needs and interests.

I can focus on play based learning.

I can build confidence and self esteem in individuals.

I can revisit basic concepts until a child is secure.

I can be the best teacher I can be without ‘everything else’.

I began tutoring two hours a week in my kitchen, which grew to four hours a week and very rapidly turned into twelve hours a week!

I did this alongside some supply work at my own children’s school, where I was thrown in the deep end to teach Key Stage Two. Never would I have thought I would be able to and actually enjoy teaching children in years three to six - it’s certainly been a learning curve!

In 2020, my husband and I built a log cabin classroom, with an outdoor area in our garden, which we are thrilled with!

Over the past five years, I have worked with over 150 families and Sam’s Classroom has grown from strength to strength.

I now run four home education sessions a week during the day, tutor 1:1 and small groups after school and weekends, work closely with some superb local tutors (and still have a waiting list of over 20 children!), run holiday clubs and parents workshops.

And the best bit is, it all fits around my family. 

What now...?

I’m busy expanding my offer of home education groups and tuition, supporting parents in maths and English, running over subscribed holiday clubs and developing my social media platforms.


In the future, I hope to write a book, blogs and maybe start a YouTube channel!

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To find out more about Sam's Classroom...

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